The Art of Storytelling (Draw Me a Story, Tell Me a Picture)

'What an amazing storyteller! I wasn't sure the children would even sit still but they were so engaged and Jelena made the session really warm and personal. We'd definitely love to have her here again!'  Vanessa, Staff member at Walthamstow Central Library

What a beautiful workshop—fabulous story, a gorgeous book and amazing goat ears! Simply stunning! So engaging for kids and staff, can’t wait to read the book.' Becky, Teacher, Humphrey Davy School, Penzance

Today was so so so fun. I learnt a new story and how you can take ideas from it to make your own. Can’t wait to read the book!Roisin, 12, Pupil, Humphrey Davy School, Penzance


The workshops are suitable for Primary School Years 5 and 6 and Secondary School Years 7, 8 and 9. They comprise 30 min live storytelling performance, followed by a workshop. 

The project gives the students the opportunity to:

  • experience a live storytelling performance
  • find out how the artist has interpreted the stories they heard
  • learn what makes a story and work on all the elements of story-making (characters, plot, setting, structure, language/narrative aesthetics)
  • develop key skills in literacy including oral presentation and public speaking
  • make their own illustrations of the stories
  • see their work exhibited on-line and used as a resource