Serbian Fairy Tales 

ISBN: 9780957525009, Flying Fish Publications


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'From hovering castles to golden trees, enchanted peahens to serpent children, sons of bears and rams of gold, Jelena Ćurčić's collection takes us on a remarkable journey across the Balkans. Lakes teem with Aždajas (demon-dragons), mountains with Vilas (nymphs of enchantment) and horses guide the way to dark realms of precious stone. The characters we meet are brought to life by Rosanna Morris's enchanting illustrations, combining sketching with watercolour to echo the style of the telling; of real beings enduring real lives in real places - but with magic bursting from all the edges of their world.' Joanna Coleman, Gramarye Issue 7

'The tales are superbly translated and completely fascinating.'  Edward Wilson, Author

Serbian fairy tales were first compiled in 1821 by Vuk Stefanović Karadžić, 'father of the study of Serbian folklore', who was a collaborator, friend and a well-known contemporary of Brothers Grimm and Goethe.

The 2013 collection contains 20 stories, selected and translated by Jelena Ćurčić and illustrated by Rosanna Morris. The book also contains a wealth of information about the origin of the tales, about Vuk Stefanović Karadžić, Serbian folk lore and mythology and Serbian language, shining a light on the material previously not available in the UK.